Gala Cacchione

Periodista especializada en cultura, tecnología y nuevas tendencias. Cuento con amplia experiencia como productora y coordinadora de contenidos radiales y audiovisuales. Actualmente me dedico a ofrecer un servicio de marketing digital para proyectos que necesiten mejorar su comunicación y crear comunidad para mejorar su alcance y ventas. Realizo streaming en vivo y edición de audio y video.

Nací en la era analógica y crecí en la digital. Me gusta ver la tecnología detrás de cada detalle en nuestra vida y creo que comprenderla como una herramienta es la forma de sacarle mayor provecho.


Estrategia digital

Administracion de redes sociales

Asesoramiento y propuesta de ideas

Creacion de contenido audiovisual

Armado de páginas web

Estadisticas y pauta digital

Meet our dedicated

Showcase Team

Nick Darrow


Passionate for coding, I enjoy designing complex systems that are easy to use. I'm the one who makes sure the code is clean, the development is on the right track, the team efficiency is high and the customers are happy.

Sara Jacobs


I started out a few years ago drawing vector illustrations. Now, I’m exploring new fields looking for original design solutions. I also check the trends making sure we deliver the latest user interface technology in our products.

Steve Autran


Passionate for travelling, I love helping people discover efficient solutions to their problems. I strongly believe that listening to our customers is the best way to improve our products.

Nichole Bradley


My inspiration comes from modern architecture and experimental design. I love creating unique templates and graphic layouts, to provide our community an amazing visual experience and an intuitive user interface.

Mike Perry


Hiking, running and strategy games, I like them all. Spending most of the time playing with scripts and codes, I develop and test new features. Between tasks I’m delighted to go back to my first love - support - and give a helping hand to our clients.

Brian Braunlow


Passionate for gaming, I love to give you a helping hand. I have worked with customers in the past and I face every request like a new challenge to bring my skills to a new level.